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VMware Training and Certification – A better solution.

Official VMware vSphere Training

VMware is the leader in enterprise virtualization software and services. VMware provides a broad range of training classes and labs. VMware runs a closed training channel program where a very small number of partners are authorized to deliver official VMware classes. Partners purchase course books and rent labs from VMware and must register their students with VMware.

Official VMware training is a high cost / low margin business. VMware charges very high prices for courseware and remote lab rentals… Instructors must be certified by VMware, limiting supply. This results in higher instructor costs. VMware also sets and enforces pricing for seats in a training class.

Partners may also purchase seats in scheduled VMware classes. Seat sales are usually less profitable for training centers than running a full class. This is usually the only option available to training centers to sell to customers who want a seat in a less popular VMware class.

Many authorized training centers have commented to us that VMware’s lab rentals sometimes suffer from poor performance – something that upsets students, considering the high prices paid for training.

Aftermarket VMware vSphere Training

MindIQ offers turnkey solutions for VMware vSphere 6.7, 6.5 and 6.0 training. We publish courseware, provides turnkey remote lab rentals and offers instructor services for all of our course offerings. And, MindIQ has three courses that compete directly against official VMware vSphere training.

VMware vSphere Certification

VMware runs a closed certification program where certification candidates must satisfy strict requirements before being permitted to challenge the VMware Certified Professional – Datacenter Virtualization (VCP6.5-DCV) exam. VMware’s official requirements include:

  • Candidates MUST attend at least one authorized, 5-day VMware class
    Minimum cost is $4,195USD
  • VMware highly recommends candidates also attend VMware vSphere Optimize & Scale [v6.5]
    Additional cost is $4,495USD
  • Candidates must acquire 6+ months of hands-on administration experience
  • Candidates must pass the Foundations exam with a score of 60% or higher
    Cost is $150USD
  • Candidates must then pass the VMware Certified Professional exam with score of 60% or higher
    Cost is $250USD

Minimum cost to achieve VCP certification: $4,595USD

Recommended track cost to achieve VCP certification: $9,090USD

VMware VCP Certification Expiration

VMware VCP certifications expire after 2 years. Certification holders must recertify by passing an online exam or they lose their certifications.

VMware  vSphere Certification through Logical Operations

MindIQ’s courses prepare candidates to successfully challenge the Certified Virtualization Professional (CVP) certification exam developed by Logical Operations (world’s largest courseware publisher) and delivered by Pearson VUE (world’s largest certification testing provider).

To achieve CVP certification, candidates must

  • Acquire intermediate to thorough knowledge of major vSphere 6.5 features and procedures. Attending a training class is optional but recommended
  • MindIQ courses fully prepare candidates to successfully challenge the CVP certification exam
  • Self-assess for test readiness by using online sample questions
  • Purchase an exam voucher. Retail Price is $200-$250USD
  • Book an exam appointment and successfully pass the certification exam

Total cost to achieve CVP certification: $200-$250USD

CVP certifications are verifiable, never expire and candidates do not need to recertify every 2 years.

Lab Infrastructure

We offer:

  • Dedicated (not shared) access to infrastructure servers capable of supporting 200+ concurrent students per week
  • Highly redundant and generously configured servers – fully licensed to run VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus (VMware’s top tier license)
  • Server hosting is done at our Class-A datacenter partner. Our datacenter has fully redundant power, cooling, networking to ensure no interruptions to your class
  • 24hr/day infrastructure monitoring
  • Live support via our trouble ticketing system and via live phone support

®VMware is a registered trademark of Dell Computer.


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