Transitioning to Oracle Solaris 11.3 – 4 Days

Course Description

This course presents to an Oracle Solaris 10 user, systems administrator, or application/system programmer, the techniques needed to effectively and successfully move to Oracle Solaris 11.3.


It is assumed that the participant has experience with Solaris 10 in the capacity of a (general) user, programmer, system administrator, network analyst/administrator, or performance management specialist.


Each participant will see and use the new and modified areas and features of  Oracle Solaris 11.3.  Hands-on usage and lab exercises will be performed with Solaris 11.3 virtual machines (for each participant), along with one (1) IPS repository server (for each participant).  The overall emphasis will be to build on a Solaris 10 knowledge base, showing all of the important and useful features and capabilities that are needed for the best effective use of Solaris 11.3.


                   User-  and  Programmer-  Level New Features and Changes

                             removed and deprecated utilities

new and improved (system) utilities

shells (bash and Korn)

change in default shell

change in root account environment

                                      comparison of bash and ksh scripting features


Installing and Upgrading Solaris 11.3

                             changes to the Solaris installation media

methods of starting a Solaris 11.3 installation

text and automated installer (AI)

JumpStart migration

post installation operations

creating a customized AI server

creating custom installation media (Distribution Constructor)


                             Software Packaging and Installation 

                                      Image Packaging System (IPS)

IPS repositories and operations

compatibility with the pkg* utilities


Boot and Startup Mechanisms 

                                      changes in Solaris 11.3 startup

                                      new areas controlled by SMF

building a customized manifest

interacting with startd and configd

new GRUB 2 loader features (bootadm enhancements)



                                       new features and enhancements

Solaris 11.3 implementation

creation and usage of control daemons

mirrored storage pools

migration of Solaris 10 zones (P2V or V2V)

                                                 virtual networking capabilities

creating a VNIC

connecting a zone with a VNIC

                                       package management

patch control, addition, removal

Solaris 11.3 update considerations with active zones

renaming, moving, cloning, migrating zones


                              Zone I/O Performance Management

daemon control

zpool creation considerations

SMF service(s) (overhead)

disabling unnecessary services



                                      new utilities and enhancements

Auto-magic (NWAM)

network configuration profiles and locations

creating and using flows



                             User Account Security

                                       new and improved features

password hashing algorithms

data encryption


                             General Utilities

                                       User and Programmer

replacement of vi with vim

vim setup and initialization

old and new style general utilities

Systems Administrator

removal of Bourne shell

new /root home directory



                                      ZFS new and enhanced storage features



zpool (mirror) split

UFS changes



                             ZFS I/O Performance Management

zpool creation considerations

ZFS file system parameters

ZFS compression performance

controlling the ZFS ARC and L2ARC

using the zdb utility


                                                Security Features in Solaris 11.3  


                                                configuring and using targeted auditing

                                                file and Directory ACLs

role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Principle of Least Privilege  (PLP)

assigning privileges to users and programs


Solaris 11.3 Performance Monitoring Capabilities

kstat (command, modules, libraries)

dtrace (introduction to usage)

kernel tunables (viewing, changing)

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