Support for Tomcat, GlassFish, WebLogic, and JBoss®

We often get requests for Java EE courses to be delivered on specific server products. While the core content of our courseware is rigorously standards-compliant — and so are requested servers, for the most part — not everything about working with a specific server is consistent. Names and locations of JAR files, deployment process, server security practices, and various quirks can keep projects from working correctly. So it’s quite difficult to create a single course that works with all candidates and still has real depth of hands-on exercise.

Our strategy for this has evolved over the years. We generally build a Java EE course to work with the latest generally available reference implementation of the target technology: for example Tomcat has been the RI for servlets and JSP, so Java Servlets runs primarily on Tomcat.

Then we sometimes produce variants of these courses that work with a different server. These have lab code that’s been entirely ported and re-tested, and the book content is likewise amended with details on the specific server: how to use the admin console, any compliance issues, extended features, etc.

Supported Servers Per Course

Tomcat: The Apache Tomcat web server and container, versions 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0.

GlassFish: The GlassFish application server, in 2.1, 3.0.1, and 3.1 open-source versions.

JBoss: The JBoss® application server, versions 5.1 and 7.1.1, including the Hibernate® ORM. JBoss and Hibernate are registered trademarks of RedHat, Inc. No association with or endorsement by Red Hat is implied by the use of these terms in this document.

WebLogic: The Oracle® WebLogic application server, version 10.3. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. No association with or endorsement by Oracle Corporation is implied by the use of its name in this document.

 And, if you don’t see what you want … request it! Once a primary course is created for a given topic, it is usually not too hard for us to produce server-specific variants for any of the servers listed above. Many of our courses came into being in exactly this way — to satisfy an immediate demand for a server-specific class.

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