Using SQL Developer UT Features Training


Using SQL Developer UT Features – 2 Days

Course Description – Using SQL Developer UT Features

This Using SQL Developer UT Features Training course helps participants learn an effective approach to developing a relational database. Topics in this course are: defining user requirements, developing an entity-relationship (ER) diagram and mapping your logical database model to a physical database design. Exercises and lab sessions reinforce the learning objectives and provide participants the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience. A hands-on modeling workshop is facilitated on the third day. This workshop provides participants the opportunity to model a real-world database application.


  • Introduction to utPLSQL
  • User Guide
    • Installation
    • Getting Started
    • Annotations
    • Expectations
    • Running Unit Tests
    • Testing Best Practices
    • Upgrade utPLSQL
  • Reporting
    • Using Reporters
    • Reporting Errors
    • Code Coverage
  • Modules
    • Overview of Unit Testing
    • SQL Developer User Interface for Unit Testing
    • Unit Test Repository
    • Editing and Running a Unit Test
    • Using a Dynamic Value Query for Seed Data
    • Using Lookups to Simplify Unit Test Creation
    • Using Variable Substitution in Validation Actions
    • Unit Test Library
    • Unit Test Reports
    • Exporting and Importing Unit Test Objects
    • Using the Command-Line Interface
    • Example of Unit Testing (Tutorial)

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