Why (or why not) use Python as a Programming Language – An Introduction

A Python Training Article

Over the years, the Python programming language has been listed as one of the top ten most popular programming languages due to its diverse functionality.  It is a high-level programming language that allows users to focus on the important functionality of an application by handling common programming works.

Python has also emerged as the most popular language used in data science applications; this is because it integrates well with the cloud and ensures large-scale performance in data science and machine learning. Other areas in which Python can be used include website development, desktop GUI and web applications.

Python as a programming language adheres strictly to the rules of syntax, making it easy for users to keep the application maintainable. One beautiful feature of this programming language is that it can easily be downloaded online at no cost even for commercial use.

All that is required is to install the application on a system and select a text editor to write your code, after which you can use your Terminal or other available platforms to execute your programs.

Reasons to use the Python Programming Language

Research has shown that Python remains the best programming language for everyone especially those who are just getting started in the programming world.  Here are some reasons to use Python as a programming language:

  • Readable Syntax: Python makes writing clear and readable. The code is easy to read because it imitates everyday English, and users can also type in other languages. Python also uses proper indentation to make the code more structured and clear for both readers and writers to spot errors and bugs.
  • Fast Progression: With Python, beginners can have quick progression. It allows the user to think like a programmer and develop an interest in learning programming concepts.
  • Versatility: As earlier mentioned, Python is a programming language that serves different purposes. It can be used for various programming projects such as creating web apps, code web scrapers, machine learning and many more.

The Best Applications for the Python Programming Language

Python programming can be used for several applications such as:

  • Data Analysis: Python excels at reading in data from multiple sources, cleaning the data, doing statistical analysis on the data, and providing informational graphs and reports on that analysis.
  • Web and Internet Development: Python provides many choices for web development.
  • Education: It is a great language for teaching programming.
  • Desktop GUIs: Python comes with some toolkits that can be used on several platforms.
  • Software Development: It can be used as a support language for software development in management, control and testing.
  • Business Applications: Python can also be used to build E-commerce and ERP systems.

Areas Where Not to Use the Python Programming Language

Python is a slow language relative to C or C++. Therefore it may not be the best choice for applications that need to run as quickly as possible. It is slower because the user does not have direct control over the memory allocation which is a significant requirement when using this application.

Some of this areas include:

  • Prototyping
  • Embedded Systems
  • Backend Programming
  • OS Kernels
  • Device Drivers
  • Mobile (iOS/Android) Apps

Note that it isn’t impossible to make use of Python in these areas. However, a different language would be a better fit.

Finally, the Python programming language is the best for beginners; it uses proper indentation to make the code more structured and clear for both readers and writers. If you are in search of an IT training company that can help train your team on how to make use of various programming languages, and specializing in Python training, then your best bet is MindIQ.

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