Why the Python Programming Language is So Popular and Well-Suited for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A Python Training Article

In recent years, Python as a programming language has enjoyed a steady rise. It is currently jostling to become the most popular programming language used by Artificial Intelligence developers around the globe. This is due, in part, to its syntax simplicity and versatility. Python is less complex than other programming languages like Java and C++.  It is also a portable language that can be used on platforms like Windows, MAC OS, UNIX and Linux.

Why Choose Python for Artificial Intelligence Projects

Python has a long list of benefits for organizations of all sizes – be it a multi-national corporation, a government organization or a startup. Its usage is extensive.  The Python programming language is found in disciplines and applications such as data science, natural language processing and machine learning (ML), and is well-suited for such complex applications as Artificial Intelligence (AI).  So, what makes Python such an apt platform for AI?

Shorter Codes: Artificial Intelligence incorporates and deals with a lot of algorithms. As such, these algorithms demand a lot of testing. Python provides an environment that makes this testing easier. You can write and execute code very easily. With one-fifth of the code, you can implement similar logic as other OOP languages. This is due to its interpreted approach which enables “check as you code” methodology.

Prebuilt Libraries: Regardless of the size of your Artificial Intelligence project, there are several libraries available in Python. For instance:

  • My brain – for machine learning
  • Numpy – for scientific computation
  • Scipy – for advanced computing

With this curation of apps, a developer will save a huge amount of time on coding.

Support: The great open source Python community allows you as a developer to get up to speed with the mélange of resources on the platform. Furthermore, the increasing list of active coders in the huge community, along with training companies, are there to help you through the learning curve and projects cycles.

Platform Agnostic: The extreme flexibility that is available on Artificial Intelligence is second to none.  From within Python, you can develop a suitable API for your projects.  Python includes a property called platform dependency. This allows you to get your app running in a different operating system (OS) with few modifications. This is the reason why Python users save time in migrating code and testing on different platforms.

Flexibility:  This is perhaps this is the most important benefit of Python. You can use Python for any purpose including the choice of selecting between scripting and OOPs approach. As it is suitable for linking different data structures together, it is also a perfect backend.

In summary, with new AI requirements emerging daily, developers are choosing Python as the best programming language for Artificial Intelligence related project dues to its simplicity, ease of use, support, scalability, flexibility and other benefits its offers to the developer. Although other programming languages can also be used for Artificial Intelligence related projects, there is no denying that Python is a leading programming language for these types of projects.

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