Programming in the C Language


Programming in the C Language – 4 Days

Course Description

This Programming in the C Language course will teach the syntax and constructs of the ANSI C programming language.  Programs in the course are designed to  work in a(ny) Unix, Linux, Windows, OpenVMS, and other operating system platforms that support a C language compiler.

What You Will Learn

The overall course objective is to introduce basic and intermediate level concepts and techniques of the ANSI C programming language.


It is assumed that the participant has used an interactive computer system, specifically, use of a text-file editor. Basics of the specific editor(s) used for the course will be covered during the program development module.


 C programming structure

 main routine layout

C data types

statements used to allocate storage

radix specifiers

Basic operators





Beginning input and output in C

           printf( ) function

           scanf( ) function

Commands for C program development




Loop constructs

           for statement

           while statement

           do while statement





Decision statements

           if blocks

           switch block

Defining and calling functions


          data declarations

          returning values

Character string operations

         null-terminated strings

         C run-time string functions

File I/O  operations

        the FILE structure

        standard C file functions

       interfacing with the command line (argv)


       struct statement

       accessing structure members

       structures containing arrays

       structures containing structures

       structures containing bit/flag fields

Defining macros

        pre-processor directives

       including directives at compile time

       conditional compilation

       usage in bit-level operations


       concepts and rationale


       with atomic data types

       with indexed arrays

       with structures

      with functions

      with character strings

C programming standards

C89 and C99 standards considerations

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