Programming in Perl


Programming in Perl –  Advanced Topics – 4 Days

Course Description

This Programming in Perl – Advanced Topics course teaches advanced concepts and capabilities that can be used to write procedures in Perl (V5), especially the interfaces that use object-oriented features.


Completion of the Programming Perl: Basics/Intermediate course is assumed, or a knowledge of the Perl programming language.


Each student will be able to use Perl techniques and commands to write scripts to perform various user and administrative tasks, implementing advanced features of the language.


Using Perl References

Purpose of references

Querying a reference

Symbolic references

References to functions

named functions

anonymous functions


Multi-dimensional arrays

Complex data structures


Using Perl Typeglobs

Perl variables, symbol tables, and scope

Typeglobs compared with references


Perl Modules and Packages

Basic packages

Packages and component files

Initialization and destruction

Accessing the symbol table

Preparing a package for distribution with h2xs


Object Oriented Perl Programming

Objects in Perl


Argument passing mechanisms

Methods of Data Persistance


Perl Scripts for Networking with Sockets

                                                Server-side functions and setup

Client-side functions and setup


                                      Miscellaneous Topics

                                                Installing Perl modules from the CPAN

Adding documentation to a module/program


                                      Launching Tk Applications

Building the Tk extensions within Perl

Writing and executing Tk-Perl scripts


                                      Interfacing Tk Applications with Perl

Tk-extension widget templates

Using Tk-extension widgets within Perl

Buttons – push,radio,check,menu

Dialogs – dialogbox,text,message

Scrolls – scrollbar,listbox,file browser

Help – balloon and status messages

Undocumented and composite widgets


Overview of Data and Databases

Usage on various types of systems

Historical interfaces

Role of Perl in data acquisition and access


Relational Databases


Quick overview of SQL (statements)


Querying data

Creating and destroying tables

Modifying data in tables


The Perl Database Interface Extensions

Obtaining necessary files

Extending Perl with DBI

DBI architecture (within Perl)


Programming the Perl DBI


Data Source Identifiers

Database connection / disconnection

Error handling

Miscellaneous utility methods

Simple queries

Non-SELECT statements

The do( ) and prepare( ) methods

Attributes and metadata

Transaction locking


CGI Capabilities in Perl Scripts

Interactions between a WebServer and Perl scripts



Perl built-ins

defined by the Web server

Pre-built Perl library parsing functions


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