MindIQ IT TrainingMindIQ Onsite IT Training – Tailored and Low Cost

Choose onsite training over open enrollment public training, and you’ll reap the benefits. 

By inviting MindIQ to your site for tailored and custom onsite IT training, you get the following:

  • IT training courses that are customized, on target and relevant to the students’ job or project.  When the on-site training is complete, your prepared team can put their newly-acquired skills to work on day one.

  • Little to no travel for your team.  No time or expense wasted on trains, planes or automobiles.  Or hotel rooms.

  • Privacy.  All Ideas and strategies are kept within your company.  More than ever, security is priceless.

  • Lower costs.  Your cost-per-student is typically much lower than with open enrollment.

  • Pre-course forms for your students.  The results ensure each student receives training they can put to use right away.

  • A 90-day review, post course.  This step that goes above and beyond helps your teams continually improve.

  • Happier employees, who without unnecessary wear and tear, are better prepared for the job and know that you are willing to invest in their future.  And they appreciate sleeping in their own bed!




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