Jira Administration – 2 Days

Course Description – Jira Administration

This Jira Administration training course is aimed for those individuals responsible for installing and/or maintaining a Jira instance. This course provides an overview of installation options and exposes the nuts and bolts of administering a Jira Server instance. Topics included in this course are user and group management, permission and notification scheme configuration, custom field management, workflow creation, scheme administration, troubleshooting and Jira server configuration options.

What You Will Learn

  • Manage users and groups
  • Create and manage workflows (includes statuses, transitions, trigger, conditions, validators and post functions)
  • Set up and maintain efficient and consistent project schemes
  • Manage permission and notification schemes
  • Manage Jira server properties
  • Create and maintain custom fields
  • Export and import data into a Jira instance
  • Create and restore backups
  • Perform basic permission and custom field troubleshooting
  • Execute advanced searches
  • Basic JQL
  • Identify popular Jira add-ons
  • Understand how to evaluate add-ons for use in a Jira Instance


Basic understanding of Jira (Access, search, issue creation and management).


Accessing Jira

  • What is Jira, really?
  • Difference between Cloud & Server versions
  • How users connect to Jira

Administration Tour

  • Lab – Quick Tour
  • General Configuration
  • System Admin vs Jira Admin

Manage Apps
User Management

  • Project Permissions
  • Groups
  • Project Roles
  • Lab

Issue Organization

  • Projects
  • Components
  • Labels


  • What are schemes
  • Why there reoccur in Jira

Issue Types

  • Defining Issue Types
  • When to create when not to create


  • What is a workflow
  • Status & Categories
  • Properties
  • Transitions
  • Validators
  • Post Functions
  • Triggers & Properties

Custom Fields
Scheme Review

  • Issue Type Scheme
  • Issue Type Screen Schemes
  • Workflow Scheme
  • Screen Schemes
  • Field Configuration Schemes


  • Creating a Scrum/Kanban Project
  • Assign Team/oles
  • Diagram workflows
  • Create Fields
  • Create Screens
  • Build Workflows
  • Configure Projects
  • Execute Work

System Requirements

  • HDMI or VGA capable projector
  • Flipchart and markers
  • Laptop and internet connectivity for instructor and all students

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