Oracle and SQL TrainingOracle and SQL Training Courses – Onsite, Tailored, Low Cost. 

Limited Time.

Special Pricing for Oracle™ Training!

Three-day class – $8,500
Four-day class – $11,100
Five-day class – $13,450

All classes include tuition and course materials for up to eight students, plus all instructor travel expenses.  Some cities may have slightly higher expenses.
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Introduction to SQL – 3 Days

Oracle 12c Release 2 SQL – 5 Days

Oracle 18c SQL – 5 Days

Oracle 12c Release 2 PL/SQL Development

Oracle 18c PL/SQL Development

Oracle 12c Release 2 DBA I

Oracle 18c DBA I

Oracle 12c – 18c New Features for Administrators

Oracle 12c Release 1 SQL

Oracle 12c Release 1 Multitenant Architecture – 5 Days

Oracle 12c – 18c Multitenant Architecture – 3 Days

Oracle APEX Version 5.0.4

Oracle APEX Version 4.2.5

Oracle PL/SQL with Objects

Relational Database Design

Using SQL Developer UT Features

Data Modeling – Logical Database Design

Here’s a sample SQL roadmap for your team.

Please ask us about putting together a custom Oracle or custom SQL training course for you and your team.

The smartest, most effective way to improve your team’s PL/SQL, DBA, SQL, APEX and Multitenant skills, quickly.  Pricing is more advantageous with 3 or more students, than a public class.  Click to Get a Quote it training price quote

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