Big Data Overview – 1 Day

Course Description

Participants of this course will learn the theory and practice of Big Data. Upon completion they will be able to create data-driven applications that makes the modern-day  enterprise tick. This course contains an ideal mix of theory and practice.  The theory portion illustrated by hands-on examples and accomplished with industry-leading tools.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for data scientists, IT managers, project leads and software developers.


There is no need to install any software on students’ machines. Working labs will be provided.


Attendees should possess basic computer literacy (Windows, Mac or Linux) and a desire to learn and ask questions. Command line skills are optional.


  • Current State of Big Data
  • Big Data Tools
    • Hadoop and Ecosystem
    • Spark
    • NoSQL
    • Storm
    • Search
  • Data
    • Cleaning and Validation
    • Security
    • Privacy
    • Messiness
  • Extracting Actionable Information
    • Data Exploration
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Modeling and Prediction 
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