MindIQ – A Solid Investment

Our Instructors
MindIQ’s instructor pool consists of industry experts with an average of 15+ years of training and consulting experience.  Some have taught for MindIQ since the early 1990’s. What sets us apart is our instructors regularly move between training and consulting engagements, ensuring their “real world” experience, and allowing them to share actual industry standards to their student base.

A long history of success
Since 1986 MindIQ has been helping IT teams increase their skill level to complete projects quicker and with less errors.  We are an organization of IT experts who believe people do better with better skills.  We will provide  you with skill set standardization, team collaboration and the ways to implement the latest technologies and methodologies.

MindIQ provides dedicated onsite training to corporations on an international basis. Our solutions range from one-off, up-skill courses on the latest and greatest technologies to customized boot camps that not only train the students in the latest/greatest technologies/methodologies, but also ensure they’re operating as a cohesive team. All of MindIQ’s courses are individually tailored to each customer to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.