ansible training

Ansible Training – Fundamentals- 1 Day

Course Description

This Ansible training course is designed for individuals with Linux command line and either little to no prior Ansible experience, presents basic skills in Ansible configuration and administration.  Attendees will learn how to:

  • Use Ansible from the command line
  • Create and run simple playbooks


Each participant will have a dedicated RHEL 7 virtual server for Ansible installation, playbook development, and DSL features, with an installed Ansible Tower instance.  A CentOS 7 minimal virtual system and a virtualized Windows host will be setup as Ansible managed nodes.  A local Git repo will be created to define a role structure, and will be used for local and remote access with Ansible Galaxy.


All attendees receive courseware covering the topics in the class.

Software Needed on Each Participant’s PC (or Mac)

each participant will receive two (2) virtual machines; (1) Oracle Linux 7.6 acting as a control node with Ansible 2.7.5 (or current version if higher) and (2) CentOS 7.1 minimal acting as a Linux managed node.


Attendees must be comfortable navigating the Linux command line and editing files with vi(m).



  • software development (cycle) considerations
  • strengths and weaknesses of Ansible
  • Ansible terminology
  • Ansible required environment setup

Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Ansible Core installation (package method)
  • Ansible component locations
  • Ansible documentation
  • Ansible configuration file
  • inventory (hosts) file contents (Linux managed node)

— setup of a Linux managed node

  •  (gathering) system facts

Ansible (ad-hoc) Command Line Usage

  • usage in single module control
  • using a module across multiple nodes

Ansible Playbooks

  • layout of playbook sections:

—  directives and tasks

  • using modules in playbooks
  • variable creation and usage
  • controls: loops, conditionals
  • running as root

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ansible training
Ansible training 
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