IT Training

IT Training

MindIQ’s onsite IT Training helps you complete IT projects more quickly – and with less errors – at a very low cost.  You’ll see your people improve and benefit from our experience of having trained tens of thousands of students over three decades.

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We’re different, and better, than other IT training companies. Here’s why:  We start with your end results in mind and put together a focused, tailored skills enhancement plan to get you there.  You receive:

  • VERY competitive pricing.  We keep our overhead low, so we can keep our prices the same way.
  • Courses that are customized, on target and relevant to the job or project.  One size never fits all.  Much of the work on your training course is done upfront, so we show up ready.
  • Some of the best instructors in the industry.  We have decades of experience in seeking out, and working with, brilliant instructors.  We have extremely high standards, resulting in your students being able to relate to our instructor.
  • Alongside you, we scope every aspect of your upcoming course, to make sure all expectations are met, and everything gets covered and emphasized where needed.
  • A 90- and 120-day review, post course.  We encourage everyone to put their training to use.  Training can be a big investment.  We want you to get the most out of your IT training courses.

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An intelligent way to learn.

Technologies Taught

Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Continuous improvement, Java, Java Web Services, Design Patterns, C, C++,  Visual Studio, .Net, ASP.NET, C#, MVC, MEAN stack, Spring,  Struts, Spring Boot, RESTful Services, Angular, Ember, Node, Backbone, JDBC,  JQuery, JBoss, JavaServer, Java Servlets, Java Testing, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, Java Beans,  Javascript,  JSP, JDBC, J2EE, XML J2SE, Java Message Service, Python, Perl, Test Driven Development  (TDD), Object Oriented Design (OOD),  Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Technical Debt, DevOps, Continuous integration, Chef, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Vagrant, VMware, vSphere, ESXi, vCenter, Apache, Tomcat, Solaris, Linux, iOS, Android,  Swift, Visual Studio, PHP, Maven, Hadoop,  R programming, Cassandra, Spark, AWS, SOAP, database, Oracle, APEX, SQL, PL/SQL, SDLC, ITIL, Configuration Management